You can’t see the future until you climb the mountain

Joseph Blackman
2 min readFeb 17, 2022


It would be ideal if we had all the answers before we took the first step. I would love to have all the info before i made a decision. How often does this happen? Not often at all.

When you are on the ground, bushwhacking through the thick forest, the journey seems daunting. There was nothing worse than after a hard football practice, we had conditioning, and what made it so bad were the days we didnt know how many sprints we were going to run. It made it hard to mentally and physically pace yourself because you didnt know the full extent of how much energy you needed to complete the conditioning in time. It made us tougher.

One thing i did know was that for every sprint completed, i was one sprint closer to being done. And there was no way we would be there all night. Its the same with ultramarathons, you are 1 mile closer to being done for every mile you complete.

Sometimes we have to go through a little adversity to better be able to see what lies ahead. Sometimes the mountaintop isnt your destination but its a better vantage point to see whats ahead. Getting to your mountaintop will give you enough data to better navigate the territory ahead.

Keep climbing so you can see your future.

Let’s get 1% better everyday