Why everyone should have their own podcast

So the company is called Vitendo. Here is the process.

4 people sending 20 video selfie DM’s a day on Linkedin. This is on Tues-Friday. Each DM has a call to action. If the prospect opt-in, we send them a 90-second video demo that night. Than its the follow up after follow up after follow up, and more follow up.

But do you know how hard it is to get time fro, the right people you need to speak to? Its like almost impossible, even playing the “numbers game.”

But how many people who are in a position of power and influence want to be interviewed by someone? Almost all of them. Thats what a podcast provides. When i reach out to “mr power guy” and say i want to interview them, they are at least open to the idea. Such a higher conversion rate than just asking for time to pitch my service.

The key is not to ever pitch them. Play the numbers game. Get so many that eventually some will ask what you do and you will be able to tell them all about your service and they will listen because you just listened to them for 45mins talk about their biz.

Dont be sleazy, be actually interested in them and their business. Altruistically deserve the return on you flowing them some good energy. A podcast will cost you $12 a month for hosting, and you can even go cheaper than that with using YouTube.

Start a podcast and get what you give.

Let’s get 1% better everyday



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