Why Clubs are dark

I base this theory off of the premise: “Give a man a mask and they will show you who they truly are.”

I used to go to all the clubs and bars and all that stuff. To pickup women. There was only one thing I was going for. Not to dance. Not to hang out with the crew and talk about sports and politics. Not to have a few drinks to take the edge off. None of that nonsense. Walking out of the venue, it was not a successful night unless I had abundant leads or a prospective close for the night.

So here is why clubs are attractive: Multitudes of people (choices). Alcohol. Music. Low light. Safe environment.

Darkness hides things. One is more inclined to approach a woman at night in a jam-packed room with loud music than in broad daylight in a quiet coffee shop. It’s because self-consciousness is low or absent completely. You can’t see her blemishes in her makeup or certain imperfections in her skin. When she dances the mixture between the lights and the full dance floor hides her awkward movement. Music bumps and pushes us into a vibe that can only be undone from the absence of music. Alcohol lowers awareness and inhibits our reptilian “fight or flight” sense of awareness. In the night, anything goes. Darkness heightens anonymity. The “mask” of darkness allows one to act other than themselves.

Let’s get 1% better everyday

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