Where’s your Royal Air Force?

Youre getting your butt kicked by the German army. You are in full retreat. Now you are stuck on the beaches of Dunkirk, waiting for the British Royal Navy to pick you up and the now Germans are bombing you from overhead.

Has life ever been so bad you’re thinking “is this the bottom?” The soldiers didn’t even have any more water, they would drink wine just to stay hydrated. One thing i know is that no matter how bad life can be, there is always something we can do to make it worse.

You need help. You know help is on the way but why is it taking so long?

One thing that the British soldiers didn’t know was that the Royal Air Force was present. They were engaged. They were fighting the battle in the air against the Luftwaffe (German air force). The troops on the ground couldn’t see them or hear them which is why they were pissed at the RAF for not helping. If the RAF didn’t battle the Germans in the air there would have been exponentially more bloodshed on the beaches.

In church, there is a phrase, “Praying Grandmothers.” It means your grandma is praying for you even when you dont know you are in need of prayer. They are looking out for you and don’t even know what you are currently going through. You may be thinking “where is my help” but don’t know people are in your corner battling with you. One thing you can do is get resentful for not having help, piss off the people who are fighting with you and boom, no you’re alone trying to get through your personal WW2. We can do the right thing and keep the faith to help those who are helping us. Our praying grandmothers will continue to pray and we should continue to fight.

Let’s get 1% better everyday.





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