Where’s your Donbas region

Russia started shooting at Ukraine today. Ukraine has a region in the east, on the border of Russia called “The Donbas Region.” This region looks, feels and smells just like Russia. It is because most of the people who live there are Russian. They are also Russian sympathizers. They are pro-Russian and anti European Union. They dont want to be part of the EU. The dont really want to be part of Russia either. They just want to be left alone.

Ukraine used to be part of Russia. You can defeat a country but you cant defeat a culture. The Donbas region doesnt care what “progressiveness” is goin on at the nations capitol. It doesnt care what new pronouns are out and who won the NBA all-star game. It just wants what it had in the past.

My Donbas region is sloth. I always wanted to chill. Apathy was my cup of tea. If i looked like i didnt care or i looked like i had something better to do, it was intentional. I didnt want to try for the fear of failing after giving it my all, whether it was sports, relationships, money etc etc. I just wanted to chill and stay out of the way. The personal Donbas was getting in the way of progress. Who wants to be around someone who wants to always do less? I will say that it helped me be more Stoic about things today, but Stoicism is still about control after activity.

Where is your Donbas region? What old ways are stuck with you thats holding you back from getting closer to your personal targets?

Let’s get 1% better everyday



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