Taran Armstrong for President

Joseph Blackman
2 min readFeb 11, 2022


Why Taran Armstrong is my favourite college basketball player this year. He plays guard for Cal Baptist. Hes from Tazmania. His head coach is a bit crazy.

I drug my wife and 1yr old daughter to their game vs Grand Canyon University a week ago to go see him play. Im a huge basketball fan. I played football on scholarship in college but could never make the highschool basketball team. I know when a guy is a certified bucket-getter. And Taran Armstrong is a bucket getter.

When they played GCU, he wore yeezy’s. Lol who wears yeezys to hoop in? Nobody, but i guess it works for him.

I found out about him while doing aimless scrolling on instagram and saw a video of him cookin up a team. Again, I know a certified bucket getter when I see one. I may start a “Taran Armstrong” youtube page and breakdown all of his performances.

No homo but i like him and Kenneth Lofton Jr. at Lousiana Tech. I try to find one or two guys from smaller schools to keep tabs on for the rest of their playing careers, whether its overseas or getting bounced around the G-league.

Hope i can get some signed shoes or something from Taran.

Let’s get 1% better everyday