Commonplace list

Things I know to be true at 30yrs of age. These will change as my knowledge changes.

  • A problem is not a problem if you can write a check to fix it.
  • Take any and every public speaking opportunity you are given, whether its formal or informal. Speak up.
  • Use your 9–5 job to fund your 6–12 second stream of income.
  • Failing is good, but dont get good at failing.
  • Hunger is a lie, more-so food is an addiction. We can go longer than we think without food.
  • Your umbrella against a “Rainy day” isnt money saved, your ability to go out and get money is your umbrella.
  • When someone owes you money and they say they have $450, ask for $500. There is always more, get as much as you can, as fast as you can.
  • Workout buddies dont work when it comes to accountability. Build up the muscle of going to workout by yourself so if they waiver, you are sturdy.
  • Better to be known as “well put-together” than “always well dressed”.
  • Books should stimulate ideas. Its ok to put a book down and take immediate action. Dont just read just to be a “reader.”
  • Save files in google drive or a cloud. External hard drives fail.
  • You can locate a persons level of success by listening to their problems. The person who owns a private jet doesn’t complain about the current price at their local gas station.
  • Being “friend-zoned” with business contacts is worse than being “friend-zoned” with women.
  • Dont drink or smoke or use profanity. One can not get “good” at doing the three.
  • Buy her followers instead of flowers.
  • Pay your employees first, utilities second, operations and marketing, yourself and the IRS last.
  • When dealing with headache customers, it is better to be paid than “right”.
  • Travel alone and make friends abroad.
  • Email/internet arguments just arent worth it. They never end with, “ok you’ve made better points so I will change my stance.”
  • All problems are self-inflicted.
  • When you take someone out to eat, put their backs to the wall so you can focus on them better.
  • Travel with earbuds and not headphones.
  • Saying no to others is to say yes to yourself.
  • If the drive is under 10 minutes, listen to music. If its over 10 minutes, listen to podcast/audiobook.
  • If she doesn’t make time or commit to plans, shes really not into you.
  • Eradicate all white socks from your wardrobe.
  • Before speaking publicly, talk to people at the event and get in the “soap-box vibe”
  • There is no such thing as sick. Push through it.
  • Never use your personal phone number for business. Google voice is free and really reliable.
  • Have another genre of music that you can go to in certain situations. People tend to tolerate rap music, not necessarily listen to it.
  • Give someone a “mask” and they will show you who they really are.
  • People respond in kind. Get great at asking questions or be ready to get shallow/vague answers.
  • Use Facebook as a highlight reel or resume until you try to monetize it. Once you monetize, its best to be overly transparent.
  • A compliment is still received as a compliment even if its a backhanded joke.
  • Google Flights for all your flight schedules and purchases.
  • Never use debt for overhead costs. Use costly money to make money by advertising and/or marketing.
  • Take your sunglasses off when talking to someone. Give good eye contact.
  • If their phone is always face-down around you, they are cheating.
  • On first dates do activities with a small cost of time and money. Do a “coffee date” instead of dinner. If it goes bad you didnt spend much of either time or money.
  • If she drives fast, shes fast.
  • My personal case study shows that men have a higher rate of conversion when we give a woman our number vs us taking their number and being first to reach out. Give out your number and put the first contact in her court.
  • Not every shower needs to be with soap.
  • Whether dealing with women or business, its better to be “highly referable” than to hunt down every meal.
  • For netowrking events. Come late, leave early.
  • Restaurants should ask for dessert while ordering the main course. They will sell more. People wont be “full” when asked right before the bill.
  • Growth Mindset > Fixed mindset. Growth means it can be developed. Fixed means you are born with it.
  • Be a Producer instead of a Consumer.
  • The holy trinity of regret: Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve.
  • Beware of the silent majority. A tree that fell is louder than the forest that grew.
  • Every year we pass the anniversary of our death.
  • When dealing with others mishaps: It is either negligence or inexperience, if not sure which of the two, default to inexperience.
  • If you repeated today every day for the next year, realistically, where would you end up?
  • 10 minutes after your workout, you will feel fine, regardless if you coast through it or if you gave it your all.
  • If your job pays you $30/hr and you waste 3hrs/day on television, you spent 90hrs a month on TV. Also, you’ve just spent $32,400 on trash TV on the year. Would you really pay $30 to watch that show?
  • At the end of a productive day and a “lazy rest day”, you will feel the exact same.
  • Say “(name), thanks” instead of “thanks (name)
  • Motivation comes after you start. Dont think you will be motivated before starting a task, It shows up after you get started





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