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Them now? Or the future, better them?

Joseph Blackman
2 min readJan 19, 2022


It isn’t you who I care about, its who you could be. Or do you want me to “love you for who you are?”

When a gym opens, they market to the outta-shape person you currently are. When a guy hits on a girl, he is attracted to the person he currently see’s.

A show we like watching is Yellowstone. In the show, a ex-meth head Jimmy has 2 love interests. One woman loves him because of the man he know he could be. The other woman loves Jimmy for who he currently is. The woman who nursed Jimmy back from his injuries and “grew him up” was in love with his potential but the second woman was the recipient of the of a “refined” Jimmy.

When he was forced to choose, he chose the latter, and his reason was that she loved him for who he currently is.

Im still torn to what i would prefer. I like to be pushed into someone better than i currently am. But i also love to be esteemed as i currently am.

I also dont know which one i would rather give to someone else. Should i tell them they are perfect just the way they are or tell them they have plenty more upside.

Interesting. What are your thoughts? Comments?

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