The “Last Mile” dichotomy

Joseph Blackman


Blah blah it was a accident and a snowstorm and i had a flat tire and the British are coming omg omg omg. Ppl. Dont. Care. Ppl just want their stuff.

Working at At&T they called it “The Last Mile”. It meant that we could push a signal hundreds of miles down a cable but if the customer cant make calls or surf internet, they dont care. It may cost a couple hundred thousand to build and support the infrastructure to get the signal to the pole in front of their home, but if i could connect that signal to their modem and get them surfing on Netflix, they were unhappy.

Our job was to make it happen, it didnt matter how we got it done or what hurdles we had to get over, we had to get it done.

So get it done and let’s get 1% better everyday