up, down, up up up

The Heroes Journey

Joseph Blackman


Rocky beat his meat in a freezer. Daniel Day Lewis crawled out of a well and back home. Bruce Wayne climbed out of that prison. Luke Skylwalker went to that weird swamp planet with Yoda.

All of our heres had their “low” moment. They had to face adversity. Not any adversity, but “their adversity”. They had to fight their own demons.

When the warriors had 4 future hall-of-famers i wasnt a fan. They were supposed to win the title. I always liked when a superstar had a team of role-players and they just seemed to always get it done. Now that Steph has less superstars on his team, it more fun to watch his story unfold.

The hero has to get drug down to his point of defeat for him to know himself. Its the only way for us to know that we can put up with anything for use to emerge stronger than ever. When you are watching a movie, look for the heroes journey, the part of the movie where they get knocked down and have to build themselves back up to defeat the big boss.

Sometimes there is a yearly heroes journey. Sometimes i feel like there is a daily heroes journey. At 10am i can face some bad adversity only to make me stronger at 7pm.

Focusing on the emergence and not being at the bottom will help us come out better.

Let’s get 1% better everyday