Super Squats By Randall Strossen

Pg 22 The specific approach to the 20-rep squats is nearly as simple as the overall program. First, load the bar to what you normally use for ten reps. Now, do twenty reps-no kidding. Second, every single workout, add at least five pounds to the bar

Pg 23 The 2 cardinal principles of weight training: overload and progressive resistance

Pg 28 Up to the early 1920s, Americans did squats up on their toes

Pg 35 Your upper body bulk is determined by the size of your chest, and the size of your chest is determined by the size of your rib box. The surest, fastest way to enlarge your rib box is by combining deep breathing with heavy leg work

Pg 41 benching with hand spacing a little wider than your shoulder width is recommended (the wider you go, the more relative stress you put on your pecs and anterior delts, the narrower you go, the more relative stress you put on your triceps)

Pg 45 Most people like to load up on arm exercises. When they think about building big arm muscles, they usually picture the biceps, even thought the triceps account for more arm bulk

Pg 48 first, always keep you eyes fixed on an imaginary spot at about head-height. By looking up as you lower yourself into and rise out of the squat, you will almost automatically keep your back flat. The second important point is to remember to keep your shoulders rising at least as fast as your hips as you recover from the bottom of the squat

Pg 60 If you dont have time to warmup, you dont have time to train

Pg 84 Multiply your wrist measurement by 6.5 and you have a reasonable idea of what your chest can measure. Grant yourself 70% of this chest measurement for your waist and 85% for your hips. Shoot for 36% for your upper arm and 29% for your forearm. Take 53% for your thighs and 34% for your calves. Top it off with 37% for your neck

Let’s get 1% better everyday


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