Skip the line by James Altucher

Joseph Blackman
2 min readJul 10, 2021


Pg 17 Theres BC and AC. Before coronavirus and after coronavirus

Pg 69 Curiosity combined with obsession leads to experiments. Experiments lead to inventions and innovations that are unique, which produces more knowledge, and that knowledge might be unique to you. Uniqueness plus new knowledge helps you reach the top 1% of and field you choose

Pg 79 Bob Shamrock had a unique parenting style: keep them busy, keep them tired, give them something to be proud of, and once they find something they re interested in, double down on it

Pg 82 Someone might spend 30yrs of their life developing a skill and then share the knowledge learned in those 30yrs by writing a book. If you read a book carefully, take notes, reread, repeat, then its as if you are absorbing 30yrs of that persons life into your mind

Pg 97 Finally, figure out what youre afraid to do. Fear is a compass. Without that fear, you know that you are just repeating what others have done before you. Thats why, instinctively, you know its safe

Pg 112 Muscles atrophy quickly. If you lie in bed for 2 weeks, you might need physical therapy to walk again. Thats how fast leg muscles atrophy. The idea muscle is the same way. Use it or lose it.

Pg 131 There are some obvious ways to tell who holds the frame at any time. First, consider this: How many things are you doing to appease the person you are speaking with? Second, ask yourself: How far are you willing to go to appease this person? Do a gut check. If you are starting to feel uncomfortable and/or that youre being pushed to your limit, you are most definitely in someone else's frame

157 I never disagree with people. What for? If i believe in X and they believe is the opposite of X, what are the odds that im going to change their mind? And if I change their mind, who cares? Will it change the world? Will they come to my funeral when I die? Its important to not get stuck in an opinion Ghetto

Pg 215 Only talk when you have something unique to say. Otherwise, listen

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