Start here. First learn how to sell. Ok so lets back into selling. First learn the muscle of prospecting, once you learn prospecting, you can bank on that skillset to find new leads. Now that you can prospect like no other, learn handling objections/negotiation. All objections are is a break in enthusiasm for your product to solve their problem. Sales is a transference of energy from you to them. Ok now you know how to handle objections and get people to drink the juice, learn how to ask for the order. Asking for the order sounds easy but its not. Start by using the assumptive close, “So when can we get you started?”

Now you know how to sell, great. NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT FROM YOU! You can sell anything for anybody and will always have a job. But if you can sell for them, might as well sell for you and you keep the profits.

Now you learn Marketing. Marketing is transference of energy via media. It could be ads, content, radio ads etc etc. Ok lets back into marketing. Copywriting is the text that is in a ad or on a website that gets you to buy their stuff. Take 4 courses on Udemy on how to write good copy. The first sentence should get the reader to read the second sentence. Guess what the second sentence does, its sole job is to get the reader to read the third sentence etc. Now lets talk placement. Where would you get the most leads with your service? Is it a billboard on I-17? Is it during the season opener of This is Us? Is it on the side of a F1 race car? Start wide and narrow your ads to a small market that gets you the most bang for your buck. A-B test everything. Put your ad on Nextdoor for a month and put your ad on door hangers and see which one gets you the most leads. Whichever one performs better. Cut the loser and double down on the winner. Keep testing until nothing can beat your winner.

Now you know marketing, great. NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT FROM YOU! You can market whatever, wherever, whenever.

Now find a product/service that people want, not need, i said want, and market and sell that.

Keep stacking skills until there is no possible way that you can fail. Have so many tools in your toolbox that you deserve all the success that has been eluding you. Learners are earners.

Let’s get 1% better everyday



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