Same clothes everyday

Joseph Blackman
2 min readJan 12, 2022


The pandemic has me wearing the same clothes pretty much every day all day. I don’t need to get dressed up to go to work, I don’t need to get too dressed up to go to church, and when I’m out and about around town I wear workout type clothes. The pandemic kept me from going to my art events, the pandemic kept me from going to start a meet ups.

In college are used to wear gray G-Unit sweats, a Old Navy zip up hoodie under a green army coat. I used to wear a pair of Reebok pumps, the revamped version of the Reebok pumps and I used to wear a black beanie on top of my dreads. This allowed me to focus on what I really need to focus on which with school and football, and “other” things. I didn’t have to worry about what to wear to class every single day. When you don’t dress up all the time it makes you look better when you do dress up sporadically.

Zuckerberg has the same philosophy. He said to not spend much effort on deciding what to wear and use that decision making energy on bigger decisions. Makes sense to me. If we start off every day with 100 decision making points and we spend 5 on what to eat for breakfast, 10 on what our workout will be, 10 on what to wear, we are left with 75 points for the rest of the day.

Year after year i try to optimize my life to allow for what i want to do and not what i have to do. Eliminating these small decisions can compound over time into a life worth writing about.

Let’s get 1% better everyday