why u do wut u do?

Random Man Running bias

There is always a motive. Humans don’t do something for no reason.

I drive a 2012 Kia Soul with 170k miles on it. I will tell you 100 times that Idrive it because its paid off and I dont want a payment and its cheap and “it gets me from A to B” and a million other reasons why i drive that car. But the truth is, i drive it because im not in position to drive something cooler. I dont have the purchasing power to buy what I want. Yet.

When you see someone speeding on the freeway, zoomin and zipping in and out of traffic, we can easily hate them. But what if they are speeding to the hospital where his wife took their firstborn child. He’s most likely not speeding for no reason.

When a co-worker says that they are already rich or their side business makes them enough to not have to work, think about why they are still working there. People dont do things they dont want to do for no reason.

If you ever see a random man running, there is a reason.

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Joseph Blackman


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