Paris Saint Germaine

Every year i try to pick up a new skill set or a hobby. This year i found satisfaction in becoming a fan of European Soccer.

The team i am follow is Paris Saint Germaine. Want to know the reason why i found that team? Its because I watched that Neymar documentary on Amazon Prime. What led me to watch Neymar was the Netflix show of Christiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Giorgina. Giorgina was actually pretty entertaining. Shes gorgeous and super likable. Like really likable. I was attracted to the lifestyle she led by being with Ronaldo. Ronaldo is pretty big stuff overseas and so is Neymar.

PSG has the coolest colors (navy blue and red) and they are based in Paris. Ive been to Paris 3 times and want to go back 30 more times. Love that city. So being a fan of PSG will force me to learn all of the leagues and cups and tournaments and all the players and im here for it.

I bought some PSG shorts already and have all of their games on my calendar. They also have another guy you may have heard of named Messi.

Du parc de prince is their stadium so dont be surprised if you see me in the stands yelling out their battle chants.

Nothing better than attaining new knowledge on purpose, intentionally.

Let’s get 1% better everyday



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