How to stop using profanity

Here’s how i did it. Just remember that advice is anecdotal. Meaning, what works for me may work for you.

I always felt that when there is a downside ot an activity and no clear upside, cease to partake. Has anyone ever been complimented on their use of profanity? Probably not. But how many times have you felt you shouldnt have used profanity when you did. So theres that.

I started by equating profanity with a activity i wouldnt do in front of everyone. That was farting. I dont fart out loud in front of women i dont know. So i equated cursing with farting, and it was easy to be conscious of both when women were present. This was in college, where women are everywhere.

The second phase was tough, removing profanity altogether around the guys. The guys knew i used profanity so it helped when I finished college and was dropped into a new setting. When you find yourself in a new setting its easy to reinvent yourself. So do that, reinvent yourself.

I started to hang around different crowds that didnt use profanity and I fit right in. So now it was easy to drop the bad habit. And when you change yourself, you become more callous to others thoughts, which helped me not trip off of what others may have thought. Which causes one to double-down on whatever activity you think is right.

Hope this helps.

Let’s get 1% better everyday



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