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Design a life vs. make a living

If my employer offered me to make less money in exchange for more time off, i would probably take it. Where we get into trouble is that we increase our expenses when we make more money. Once we have this high monthly expense, we have to keep working to be able to afford that high monthly expense.

A good question to ask if you feel you are still on the hamster wheel living month-to-month is: “are you making more today than you were 5 to 10 years ago?” If so, why is money still tight?

Making a living is for baby boomers. They lived to work. We saw what that got them. 30 years of loyalty to a company that forgot who they were 1yr after retirement. Id rather design a life that I can work in sprints and take time off to be with my family. Milliennials hop jobs like crazy, we quit when we find a better dollar down the road. Competition forces companies to do better with retention.

I want to be know for now what job I do, i want to be known for what i do outside of my career. We will see even more companies figure out that we would take less pay to have a better lifestyle vs more hours for more money.

Let’s get 1% better everyday





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Joseph Blackman

Joseph Blackman


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