Lets settle this like men, smart men

Democracies dont go to war against eachother

Two sensible people, with something to actually lose, wont fight eachother. They know there is a better, less costly way to settle their dispute.

I remember reading a quote years ago that stated, “When a person commits a murder, they are well aware that it is a form of suicide.” They have nothing to lose and no value on their own life so its easier to take anothers life.

The reason why democracies dont wage war is because the people who suffer from war, hold the vote. The person next door, who votes for our leaders, may have a son in the armed forces, so they are less likely to settle for bullets and bombs vs. diplomatically settling the dispute.

Same with a bar fight, the guy who feels like he has more to gain and less to lose by throwing the first punch, throws the first punch. The guy who has to be at work tomorrow and has to pick his daughter up from daycare after school the next day is more likely to try to “talk it out.”

The next time you want to get into a argument, a dispute, a fight etc, think about the cost of casualty before you go down that path. If both of you take equal amounts of casualties, whos army will it deplete more?

Let’s get 1% better everyday





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Joseph Blackman

Joseph Blackman


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