Belly to Belly

Joseph Blackman
2 min readMar 4, 2022


Pat Lyons the goat taught me this. Pat was the sales class professor in college. The concept was to M20PB2B. This meant, meet twenty people belly to belly.

Whenever we get in a lull or the leads dry up or you see an end to your pipeline, see if you can setup 20 meetings b2b. This will always invigorate you and put some lighter fluid on your pipeline. It will wake you up. Get you goin in the right direction. The enemy of depression is action.

Grant Cardone teaches this by telling salesman to go see some current and previous customers and see how things are. Your goals isnt to sell them on your product, its just to show the universe that you are still in the game and not leaving. It must bend to your will.

Theres something different about meeting face to face that you dont get in email or even phone. Its the nuance, the stuff said when theres no talking, the pre and post small talk. Sitting down for a 1hr lunch with one person can be worth the same amount as 10, 6 minute phone calls.

Go through your phone or email and see who you can sit down with over coffee or lunch.

Let’s get 1% better everyday