Do less, to Do more

Action Bias

When we take action, thinking that not-taking-action is worse.

One quote that i have been overusing for the last 18 months is, “no matter how bad things are, we can always do something to make it worse.” Because we can. You can lose everything and become homeless and have diabetes and get hit by a car because your foot is numb and need to be amputated and while in the hospital for the accident you can get hooked on opiates. Thats extreme but im sure you get the point.

Why do we “do” instead of adding time to something and seeing how it may turn out without our intervention? Ben Roethlisberger retired today. He will have plenty of clout for the next couple of weeks be how great he was for the Steelers etc etc. He can screw up his exit by saying something stupid, and totally tarnish his retirement and even his career as a NFL quarterback potential hall of famer.

I read in a day-trading book that people who make less trades actually have better returns than those that make more frequent trades in attempt to outsmart the market.

Its usually the “over-correction” a driver makes that causes the crash and not the impediment on the road. If we can be still and lay on our back in water we will float. Most of us try to swim/tread which has us sink faster.

Let’s think of inaction before action when the situation presents itself. But always take action, even if its inaction. Comprende?

Let’s get 1% better everyday





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