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4 ways to use Instagram

First off. Men. Do this now. Unfollow all thirst follows. A thirst follow is a woman that is “out of your current league” that you dont know, and they dont know you. The woman probaly has more followers than the value they add to society. Unfollow them. It will make your life better. Do not validate these women by giving them a follow, a like or your attention. You are demeaning yourself when you give attention to those who dont add value to your life. Do this now and watch your day be better than yesterday.

Second. Set a “social media” screen time limit to 3hrs on your phone. You can do this on apple and all other phones. I get it, you may hit your limit a day and ignore it but it will show you really how much you are on instagram a day. Three hrs is a long time to do anything. And you looking at memes and thirst traps for 3hrs a day is soul sucking. We need to be vicious with taking our time back.

Third. Unfollow brands. You dont need to follow Nike. For what? What value does Under Armor or Gucci add to your daily life? Wtf does Dre Beats have to do with your day-to-day? They want your money. The money you worked that 3hrs for. Dont let them finesse you out of your hard earned cash just because they have a cool instagram ad.

4th. Curate your Explorer page. If you see a thirst trap, hit “not interested”. If you see some crypto-babble, hit “not interested”, if you see some political post or some messy gossip, hit “not interested”. This will tell the algorithm to stop sending you this crap. It will give you peace when your feed is proactive and not reactive.

These guys behind the algorithm get paid millions, sometimes billions, to simply keep you on their app. You think you are smarter than a billionaire who devotes his whole life to driving traffic to a app? Do your part by unfollowing as many people as you can so the app isnt as addictive as they try to make it.

Instagram is still fun following 5 people. Its still addicting at following 3 people. Dont let them monetize you. Use them instead of letting them use you. And dont follow me on instagram @josephblackman6

Let’s get 1% better everyday




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